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Extremely passionate about visual effects, every project is seen by Antonio as a new opportunity to improve his skills and to contribute to the amazing entertainment industry around the world.

Some of the projects that Antonio worked on feature films were John Wick 4Scape Room 2Chaos WalkingLogan, Hunter Killer, Ben-Hur, The Conjuring 2, Alice Through the Looking Glass and Gods of Egypt.


For TV and streaming he worked on projects such as:
The SandmanHaloStranger Things, The Umbrella Academy (seasons 1 and 2)Midnight Mass, The Haunting of Hill House, Star Trek Discovery (seasons 1 and 2), Fear the Walking Dead, Descendants 2 and 3Gerald's Game, and some others projects for clients like Netflix, 20th Century Fox, Disney, Disney Channel, Warner Bros. Pictures, Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, SyFy Channel, MGM, Lionsgate Entertainment and New Line Cinema.


Antonio has a Bachelor's Degree in History of Art from UERJ, one of the most renowned universities in Brazil, he also has more than 22 years of experience in graphic design for printed and digital media.

Back in Brazil, he was the creator and producer of AnimaSerra® - an acclaimed animation, comics, games and visual effects festival that was held for 8 consecutive years, which brought free lectures with big names of the digital entertainment industry in Brazil and from all around the world. The event was officially supported by the Canada Consulate in Brazil and was sponsored by Pixologic®, the makers of ZBrush modelling software and the Canadian company ToonBoom, a leader in animation software.

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